Her house was a living mortuary

The walls were draped in strips of memories slowly peeling off

The books on the shelves were like full graves never opened

The pictures faded in the sun to the point of no recognition like a white backdrop

The clothes on the floor missing the skeleton that held them

And the toys lay on the floor wishing their demise was farther off



Dance With Death

I feel so dry and uneven on the ground

Somethings just off enough to make me feel profound

I live day by day knowing I must be missing the big deal

The music in my head doesnt ryhme with the worlds reel

I run out of space on my notebook just to make me feel safe

I was never meant to live inside of your little graph

I am crashed to the surface just long enough to take a breathe

I call it drowning and you call it the dance with death




You were a beautiful thing

But like a rose your thorns confused you extremely

So you cut them off one by one

Only to discover that without your thorns you lost who you were completly

You let your petals fall off hoping to find out all your secrets

Only to realize that you were no longer a rose draped in red

And if you weren’t a rose then you were nothing

And if you were nothing then it didn’t matter if you were dead



What If

Everyone says the world doesn’t revolve around me

But what if I made it

What if I choked it until it let go of it’s control

And I went and created my own world

What if I prayed so hard for all of my dreams to come true

That I woke up to my nightmares 

What if I manipulated everything and everyone 

They are all under my command

What if I wasn’t meant to be happy

I was never supposed to marry him  

What if I was never supposed to have a happy ending

I was supposed to go to L.A. and be an art student all alone 

What if I tried to change the world so hard that the only thing I ended up changing was me 

What if I never wanted the things i have now but I thought I did

What if



I Want You

You are in my coffee cup that burns my fingers

A sharp pain in the back of my mind that likes to linger 

You are in my favorite song that i play just a little too loud

Until i can hear the lyrics ringing in my ears so i can sing aloud 

You are the sticker that has found its way into my softest blanket 

And i pick at it until i unravel it’s very connective tissue 

And i hate you like i hate my favourite food

Because the more i have, the less i want you

I want you 

The less i want you  




I have so much potential

That gets wasted because the imbalance in my brain is all mental

I’m pretty sure that i’m not supposed to be here

My birth was accidental

I want to float away to the people who understand me

My death will be so gentle




I always liked the cold better then the hot

Because at least when you freeze to death your own body decides to shut down

Your own fingers will fall off without you even noticing

But when you burn your body feels everything until it has destroyed every nerve

It’s like the sun wants you to feel its power, its mighty force

It wants to remind us that without it we would be dead

It taunts us the way it dances

The sun would rather you feel its every move across your skin and crawl inside your throat until you dry out

The fire takes away everything that makes you human

When you freeze you can always unfreeze

The cold knows you don’t need it

It whispers its secrets in your ear and tells you to close your eyes

It just holds you in its arms and lays you into the afterearth

Sick Day

I need a break

A time for the earth to slow down on its axle

I need to relax

Instead of typing up everything in my brain until everything in my mind is factual

I need a reminder to sleep

Because i stay up all night until i can name and count the stars just to keep my O.C.D residual

I need a sick day before i become more and more unnatural




“I think i’m broken”, the girl said,

Her words tumbled into the dry air.

“You’re not broken”, the boy replied

“You are just being stretched”.

The girl nodded as if in agreement

Then after a moment she said,

“It would be less painful to just finally break”.

The boy just tried to put back a smile on her face

and she did smile just for him.

But in her mind there was only one thought twisting and slithering around,

I want to be broken.

I want to be broken…