Undelivered Love Letter

The only thing missing right now is the rain..and of course you.

But believe me, you are in the absence of the sound. The Inhale and exhale of my breath. The pictures that are all around the room. The songs I used to sing to the moon; Hoping the ring of them might reach you.

You are the blanket that reminds me of your gentle touch. And the dried roses that hold memories far better then I do. Because when they die at least they look beautiful. You are in the time that reminds me of all the last seconds without you.

You’re all around me but I cant touch you.

You whisper through the air but I can’t hear you.

I feel your lips close around mine but I miss you.

You are not here but I still love you.

And I once again go back to missing the rain..Because its better then missing you.



Tick tock, tick tock

An Endless race with the clock

Don’t know when it will end

Don’t know when it will stop

Will these turning gears breakdown

Or will I crumble into pieces and drop

The darkness hides my shock

It will Never see a single teardrop

My heart beats but I keep it under lock

What’s the point if we use words but never talk

How can we breath if we never walk

We are all losing against the clock

Tick tock, tick Tock


As It Should Be

I feel so alone this morning 
But that loneliness makes me write more words to you. 

I placed my plans into a mans hands 
only to discover he wasn’t a man from the beginning.

But there is still time I suppose 
as long as I don’t let the “what ifs” take over.

I can only laugh as much as my mother lets me
But who’s fault is that really.

I blame my life on everyone else. 

And that’s because 
Things never turn out the way I think they should be.