I have caution tape on the end of my fingertips

I have a crown of roses tangled in my hair

I love you is laced through my lips

A cloth has tried to cover all my skin

But my brokenness has spilled everywhere

Glass is shredded into my hips

And my tongue has forgotten how to share

The tape reads, “Caution don’t touch her,

For she is only pieces and bits and despair”.



You fell in love with a murderer

Believe me it’s not a joke

You saw my smile and loved it

But if you saw my heart

You would see it bleeds out the hoax

Its quite a sad story I know

You’ll know its too late when the knife is up against your throat

Because she bled me out slowly

From the wrists down to my soul

I knew I always loved you

And I’m sorry to let you go

But run as fast as you can

Even if I scream no

Its too late for me and now you know

I killed the little girl I used to be

My knife is already thrown



Isn’t It

Isn’t It

I’m being pulled in two different directions

But I shouldn’t be

Four eyes keep hauting me

And I told myself to divide them

But I couldn’t

I thought they would change

But they haven’t

So its up to me

And I assumed the answer would show itself

But it wouldn’t

It’s lovely to be chosen

Isn’t it



Broken Things

Broken Things

We are fragile creatures looking for love in the lifetime of 80 years

And the locked door meant only passion or crying


Throwing things across the room didn’t block out the fighting

When the scale broke

A piece of paper was the fate of everything


Don’t blame yourself

When all we were left with was

a room of broken people and broken things





Why can’t I be pretty

I swear it would make me happier

Why can I list my insecurity’s like poetry

It would make waking up simplier

I’ve traced everything I wish I could reshape with certainty

And my life would be so much easier

But when did I think of myself a better artist

Then the creator of eternity





I think i wish there was a way to breath the life back into you

But I’ve found a sacrifice is always necessary

The good kings are always killed so early and the evil left to rule

I used to think who I am was hereditary

But I’ve found that I am something completely new

Wondering if giving you all my life is honorary

Would it kill me to give everything to you

Or just seeing you in a graveyard permanently

These thoughts are the only thing I have to breakthrough



Serial Killer

Serial Killer

Mother nature is a serial killer

She has trapped us onto her

Luring us to explore her

Hoping one day to find somewhere better

Something more

But then she brings out the knife

And cuts us off one by one

As we die we realize, she is only a murderer

What are we really looking for?

She is just trying to protect

What is still beautiful

We are used to winnning

And when we lose all we see is the horror

Not of what we have done

But a serial killer





You have gotten used to watching the clock

But she is dancing with the stars in her hair

People say she is crazy for the way she walks

But the way she smiles is beautifully rare

So think twice before you mock

And maybe one say try to sit down with her

You will start to stare

Beleive me, she is not at all lost

Except maybe in thought

Because she has no sense of time

In her wonderful somewhere

Listen to the way she talks

You’ll learn through her riddles and tales

that living in the stars in better then

being stuck here