I don’t even know you and you don’t know me

But i didn’t like what you said

So with a few pushes of a button 

I’ll make you go trending

Hope you didn’t want your future 

Because right now it’s canceled 

Women’s rights are important but your fired

Women’s rights are important unless i don’t like you

Women’s rights are important until you make a joke 

Women’s rights exist because i said so 

Because i said so 

I get up from my screen 

Go laugh at everyone else’s mistakes

Forget all the people i’ve ruined 

Don’t worry there will be someone new tomorrow 

Because my life matters

But not all life matters

Police lives doesn’t matter

Only the person they are arresting

Babies lives don’t matter 

Only the person that is holding them

But my life does matter 

My life does matter

Because without me i couldn’t cancel your future

I couldn’t get on my phone and ruin you

Because free speech matters 

Except when it’s about jews

Except when it’s about murder

Except when it’s about trans

Except when it’s about voter fraud 

Except when it’s abortion

Except when it’s about vaccines 

Except when it’s about feminism 

Except when it’s about truth

Except what you believe 

I have more power than the president

You are all scared of me

I wonder why

Because free speech matters remember 

Except when you’re canceled




“Why do you still love him?”, she asked.

“If all those things are true”.

I smiled weakly and said,

“Because once you take the poison and are already dying.. you might as well let it consume you”. 




Someone in my family died today.

They were the peace and love. 

They were the hugs and kind words.

They were so comforting and happy.

It was a long cancerous process and I said goodbye so many times.

And sometimes I thought that it would be better if they were just gone to be put out of thier misery. 

But at the end of the day I never wanted them to leave.

And every morning I woke up and made sure they were ok.  

Then unexpectedly they were gone. 

And those 6 years of waiting still wasn’t long enough. 

I cried and then screamed and held their hand and told them I needed them to come back. 

I told them I couldn’t make it without them. 

I felt more pain than i ever thought possible

People told me it happened all the time

And Whisked the body away 

It was normal 

I should just accept it

Move on

But There was no funeral

No one else cried

No one sent flowers

No one asked if i was ok

No one grieved except me

And my brother and sister

It’s been 3 years now and i’m still waiting for the pain to go away

I’m waiting for it to be normal 

I’m waiting to accept it

I’m waiting to move on