Paris and Poetry Readings

i want my life to be paris and poetry readings

i want it to be coffee shops and forbidden love

i want my life to be travel and writing

i want it be one bedroom apartments and a dog

i want my life to be staying up all night and dancing it away

i want to be laughing at the things people say

i want it to be diffrent in some little way

and sometimes i wonder if i want my life to be lonely

because then maybe i would understand why i wasn’t ok



“a Smokey night in paris” photo by me


i’ve always wondered if i was happy

if i would still write poetry

would it still be in my DNA

would it still be a part of me

and i’m afraid i know the answer

because looking back through my life

the only times i write poetry

is when i really can’t stand reality



Lavender in a mug (by me)

“Color On Me” Excerpt

Like the stars we live in darkness, yet have our own fire to light the darkness . I think so many things are misunderstood in this world. The blaming before the truth. The power before the trust and the conviction before the pain. It’s all wrong, everything is. And it’s sad I seem to be the only one who notices. Maybe it’s just because I speak with the stars. Or maybe it’s because I listen back. They all live in the night. Darkness doesn’t have to be bad. The world has turned all good into evil. The stars never did anything wrong, yet they die. Just because we live in darkness doesn’t mean we are. 



(this is part of a fictional book i wrote the first draft of when i was in highschool and i’m very proud of how poetic i made parts of it and wanted to share)

i do not own this photo

Arabic Poetry

Empty apartment

A key broken in the lock

Stuck in this cycle day to day

An artist to depressed to put on a frock

Knowing if they were the last person on earth they would be ok

Drowning in the haunting of grunge rock

Reading arabic poetry to feel more at home

Plans written in white chalk

The rain mixing with tears washes it away

But too tired to run after them they just walk

The only broken thing they aren’t attracted to is themselves

And their crude mental block