Last to Die

Zombie apocalypse/ horror novel


Written By Marciella Asi

It was today and she opened up the hospital door, carefully breathing in the too clean air. She watched the yellow pattern of the walls float past and counted the rooms she walked by. At the seventh one she pushed open the door and a smile spread across her face as the man she slyly looked at noticed her.

“Karmen”, he said delighted. Wiping the donut crumbs out of his beard he finish the distance between them and gave her a light kiss. He smelled like he was sterilized himself but she couldn’t help laugh as she noticed little red hairs poke out of his cap.

Taking a step back she said i see you have moved up in the world by now wearing a dress to your schooling.

Oh stop it he said back. I have some news Karmy,  I talked to my school today and they said I’m pretty much done with my ASN.
He paused and you could see her question him.

And…? She asked waiting for the rest to come.

But I was talking to a couple of my teachers and they were recommending I get my Bachelor’s.. it would take a little more time but I think it would be worth it for me.

Bachelors! She exclaimed.  I thought you said you would be done after this.. I don’t get to see you anymore and when i do i have to come here..

I know i know.. I’m sorry babe but i have a couple friends here who are doing the 4 year program and i love working here, This is the best hospital in Illinois. You know that. It’s only 2 more years.

Two more years you realize how long two more years is! You’ll be 22 by then… And- and i will be close to that also!

“Karmen, calm down he slid his hand down the back of her hair. I am doing this for you.. For us. You know that. Just two more years and it will be all over. We can settle down. Get married. Have kids.”

She looked down.. “You really want that? To get married and settle down?”

“Of course”, he smiled, “I love you Karmen and I always will”.

Were those the words that cursed the entire world? Words of true affection. Maybe the universe wanted to test that love. To the point where all love would be stretched to it’s limits and further.

Not a millisecond after he uttered those words the entire hospital went into chaos.

A lady ran Into the break room, Jasper there is a emergency, hope your ready for this one. We need as many hands as possible. Jasper grabbed his jacket and said I’m sorry Karmen, let’s go to dinner tonight and we can talk more.

She stood in the break room a couple minutes after his rushed I love you wavered in the hall making a ghostly echo in her head.  Staring at the door she finally walked out into the hall again.

Watching the same yellow patterns. Passing the same 7 doors and out into the open air. But this time something was different. She could feel it. The cold wind all of a sudden making her shudder.  

Going home even though it was always only 4 in the afternoon Karmen changed into comfortable clothes and crawled into bed. She tried watching TV but nothing seemed appealing.

Jasper had never seen the hospital in such a frenzy before. After first he couldn’t even see the patient but after he did he realized why. Picking up the informations sheet on the door he ran over the symptoms. ‘
It didn’t have much on it. One of the other guy’s opened the door and took the sheet from him and scribbled down something else. Jasper he said, nothing on that sheet will prepare you for what’s in there. Handing it back to him Jasper started to read it.

Name: Mariam Solenis   

Sex: Female

As he skimmed the blank spaces Jasper paused at a scribbled address at the bottom.  She was from thailand he questioned out loud.

No one seemed to hear him but he didn’t say it to be heard. He had never treated a patient from out of new york. But he could tell this was no simple case.

Taking a deep breath he pushed open the door and immediately questioned his entire life. Questioned why he had opened the door. Questioned why he wanted to continue nursing. Why he wanted to be a nurse in the first place. And then the next thought was of Karmen. Her beautiful face rushing to his mind. And for the first time in a long time he legitimately missed her. He wished he could just close the door and go home to fall in her arms and never let her go. Doctors were rushing around everywhere  He was just a nurse in training so everyone ignored him for the most part but he didn’t really notice much then the body. He wanted to stop looking but he couldn’t tear his eyes off her.

It was like she was being eaten from the inside out. Something sucking the life juices from her. Turning her bloodless skin green. It almost looked like she had some sort of cancer. she looked numb.. Then he noticed the one beautiful thing about her.. a little white flower was tangled up in her hair. he was surprised it hasn’t fallen out in the frenzie. He was about to take it out when he heard his name.

Jasper! I need you to take these samples to the lab immediately and check into my three patients for me his overseer rushed her words to him.

Yes ma’am he said quickly and slowly backing out of the room.

He was glad to get out of the room. Never had he seen or even heard of any disease that would do that to a person. He zoned out in his thoughts as he changed the bedpans and checked on the patient’s within a couple minutes. He wasn’t sure if he should go back to the room the woman was in. So he walked around trying to look busy. Finally he couldn’t take it any longer, he almost ran back to the room where the woman was. He hesitated once he reached it but pushing it open with confidence. But the room was empty. He thought of the 2 places she could be.
Moved to the ICU or dead.
He almost hoped the latter for her sake but before he could decide anything one of the interns ran up to him.

“Jasper, there you are! I have been looking for you. Thia one of the interns ran up to him.
where is the- he didn’t even have a chance to finish what he was saying. The lady died a couple minutes ago. The overseer said we could go home. We have had a long day and there isn’t much else to do.  But whatever I’ve got a thing tonight anyway.

Shes shes dead? Do they know the cause? i should go talk to the overseer.. Jasper started to take a step when she grabbed his arm and said there’s no need. You should come with us tonight! We have about everything planned.

I’m sure you do Jasper muttered.  

Drinks on us! She proclaimed.

No thanks Jasper tried to sound polite. I should get some sleep. Have a good time though he smiled at her.

In his mind though he really wanted to go see Karmen. She deserved it. He hasn’t had a night off this early in a while. Really all he could think about was the woman. He couldn’t believe that just like that she was dead. What the hell was wrong with her? ANd why was he so mesmerized by it.

Jasper hesitated. . He thought about Not taking Thia’s advice and going to talk to the overseer. Maybe he could see how the lady was doing. Damn it he reeled his thoughts in. Why am I so obsessed with her.

Clocking out he realized that by now it was almost 8. Still early, his usual shift got done at 10.

Walking out the door Jasper wasn’t sure what to do. Karmen seemed to be calling to him. ANd he hesitated. Should i go home? Or should i see her? Picking up his phone he called her, her phone rang and he was about to leave a message when a Jeb, one of the security guards accidentally ran into him.

Hey Jasper, he said how are you. Jasper hung up his phone and slipped it in his pocket. Well i’m pretty good. Got off early so just heading home. Have a good evening then Jeb said. You too Jasper called as he started to walk away. Karmen didn’t pick up and letting that be the deciding factor he just went home.

Arriving home Jasper put up his scrubs and turning on the kitchen light saw that none of his roommates were home. Touching up his beard  he finally heard the door open a little after nine.

Lucas? Jasper called is that you? Yeah the voice called back.

I looked at the mail Jasper called across the room and you had some bills.
He didn’t hear Lucas respond so He just got into bed ready for the a big day tomorrow.

She was dead. And had been for almost two hours.
She was in the hospital mortuary now and everyone had moved on. And so had she. She would never move again. Never breathe again. Never live. She was dead.
It wasn’t her eyes that opened. Or her hand that flopped off her lifeless chest. It wasn’t her body that slid itself off the table. Or her legs that dragged themselves across the floor. It wasn’t her mind that told her to kill. She was dead.